Status:† DX-Pedition is over. We are all safe back home. The on line logs are almost complete and paper logs are included.


Cards arrived and we are sending them out !!!

If you will visit Friedrichshafen† you may get your QSL at the SV stand in Hall 1

Ask Ginie about your qsoís!

YK9SV (AS-186)

DX-pedition to the Arwad Island in Syria

November 2007

The Syrian island of Arwad and exact planned operating position.


34.52í 23ĒN

35.51í 22ĒE

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Last update 15/02/08 1200z

We would like to express our gratitude to the Syrian Telecommunication Establishment for their hospitality in Arwad, SSTARS The national association, itís president YK1AO and all members for their valuable assistance, the Governor of Tartous, the Mayor of Arwad and all individual people from the Syrian Arab Republic who helped us throughout the trip and operation. Without their help this DX-Pedition would never been possible!


We are sorry for those who we didnít work. Propagation and weather was not very cooperative but thatís the way it is on DX-Peditions!